A wonderful setting to enjoy some remarkable wetland birding. Habitats include dunes, salt marshes and Atlantic beaches where some 200 species can be found. Numbers estimated to be in the region of more than 75,000 illustrate the great attraction the area has for birdlife. The migratory seasons sees the Bay at it’s busiest and most spectacular and often allow birders the chance to spot rarely seen visitors.

Unlike some of our more adventurous trips, this destination offers the opportunity for leisurly, deck-chair style birding where you can get to know a great variety of birds with minimum effort required. For  those just getting into bird watching, the Bay of Cadiz is a joyous introduction. For the more experienced, it is a must visit within the context of European ornithology. As is characteristic on all our trips, we’ll decide on routes using up-to-date local knowledge to optimise your time with us.

You’ll be met at Malaga airport from where we’ll take the coastal route west to the Bay of Cadiz. Full-board at Sancti Petri Hotel situates us just a stone’s throw away from a large extension of salt pans and wetlands – an ideal location to observe the impressive wildlife hereabouts. An added extra can be found in the nearby town of Chiclana and a chance  to get to know one of the most emblematic fishing villages of the bay, and it’s charming way of life.