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    Expedition to Sahara – March 2013

    10 Apr 2013 in Birds & Conservation & Fauna & Flaura & Mammals & Tour

    Expedition XIV Morocco: in search of the Lammergeier

    22 Jun 2012 in Birds & Conservation & Sierra

    Road to Morocco to continue the Lammergeier conservation programme. Our objective this time- Tobkal Natural Park, where we hoped to identify territories, nests, and most importantly, evidence of species reproduction. This time we were delighted to share the company of French biologist  Fabrice Couzin, and his four-legged friend, Isli. Fabrice has excellent knowledge of the area having lived in Morocco for over 30 years during which time he has compiled an extensive data base of Moroccan fauna and flora. Over...

    Ringing Kestrel and Jackdaw

    10 Jun 2012 in Birds & Conservation

    Together with friends and colleagues Iberus Medioambiente, Sierra-Trek spent a day ringing birds from collonies of these two species. An initiative started in 2008 to deepen an understanding of the biology of these species with respect to birth rate, colony size, and dispersion. During the course of the day we were able to ring some 21 Kestrel chicks from 6 nests, and a further 5 Jackdaw chicks from 3 nests in two seperate location near our base in Ubeda. Follow...

    Expedition XIII Morocco: in search of the Lammergeier

    21 Nov 2011 in Conservation

    This November, Sierra-trek and Iberus Medioambiente have carried out the XIII expedition to Morocco in search of the last remaining breeding pairs of Lammergeier in North-West Africa. After ten days exploration of the high Atlas Mountains, we were able to locate a juevenile of 4 years, in pursuit of a Golden eagle in an attempt to rob it of its prey. Important data which allows us  to confirm the presence of the species in this particular area. Eleven years on...

    Rutland Bird Fair 2011

    26 Aug 2011 in Fairs

    Don’t mean to drop names, but… Well here we are on the Andalusia stand with Simon King who was promoting his website “Wildlife Whisperer” – check it out. “SMALL Cat Diary” seemed to us a natural alternative, with the Iberian Lynx, a species whose size and numbers fit the bill, a candidate for a serious bit of attention.


    05 Jul 2011 in Birds & Conservation & Mammals & Sightings & Tour

    From 24th June to 2nd July, 2011, Expedition XII to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco was carried out. The objective – to find breeding pairs of Lammergeier ( Gypaetus Barbatus ). A ten-year-old project, working for the conservation of this endangered species in the north of Africa. Another year, and IBERUS MEDIOAMBIENTE and SIERRA-TREK continue to explore the AtlasMountains, registering valuable information about the status of Lammergeier populations.

    Black Vulture, Lynx & Lammergeier in Jaen’s natural parks

    15 Jun 2011 in Birds & Lynx & Mammals & Sierra & Sightings & Tour

    Early June, and I’m guiding through the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura & Las Villas when we’re surprised to observe the Black Vulture in the valley of the River Guadalentín. A species more common to other natural parks of the province of Jaen. I was accompanied by an enthusiastic couple, Kenny and Pauline, who had arrived from Ireland to visit Spain on a bespoke trip with two target species in mind – the Lammergeier and the Iberian Lynx. Fortunately, Kenny...

    Male Spanish Ibex in the natural park of Sierra Mágina

    27 May 2011 in Mammals & Sierra & Sightings

    In the dark in the night, I was hoping to see the Eagle owl amidst the high mountains of S.Mágina, when, amongst the olive groves, I heard hard, cold, clashing noises. 300 meters down I found a group of 12 male Spanish Ibex playing and interlocking horns. Dragging myself forward along the ground, I was able to take a couple photos of these strong fearless beasts. Once again nature has proven to be full of surprises.

    Orchid season

    18 May 2011 in Botany & Orchids

    Spring is in the air and nature is bouncing back to life with a vengeance. From lowlands to the highlands of the neighbouring sierras, flora and fauna animate the countryside spectacularly. Of the latter, whether it be common or rarer species of plant, they all do their bit to bring colour and life to the countryside. Of special interest are orchids, and at about 70 varieties here in Andulucia, we are truly blessed- more so still in the province of...

    Sierra-Trek at FIO (Extremadura Birdwatching Fair)

    03 Mar 2011 in Conservation & Fairs

    Spain’s most important birdwatching fair brought together people from all over Spain and beyond. Sierra-trek’s José Luis Sanchez Balsera gave a short conference to an assembled audience, outlining the work we are coordinating in Jaen on the horse-shoe Lagoon. The fair also gave us a great opportunity to do business, meet up and “chew the fat” with old friends, as well as make some new ones. In short, a great weekend in a really interesting part of Spain.

    Sierra-Trek at FITUR

    08 Feb 2011 in Conservation

    Above, left to right: Mercedes Rubio Chaves (Ubeda City Council), Sierra-trek’s Keith Dalton and Jose luis Sanchez Balsera, and Marcelino Sanchez (Mayor of Ubeda).                                                                         Madrid – 19/02/2011. Sierra-trek presents our project for the recuperation and conservation of La Laguna de Herradura (The Horse-shoe Lagoon)...

    Guiding the Andalucia Bird Society in Cazorla and Magina

    25 Jan 2011 in Birds & Sierra & Tour

    We recently had the pleasure of guiding the Andalucia Bird Society around our particular neck of the woods here in the province of Jaen. A 3-day visit, staying in and around Ubeda, gave us the opportunity to show members the vision and work Sierra-trek has been leading, in collaboration with Ubeda City Council, for the restoration and conservation of the Horse-shoe lagoon (La Laguna de Herradura). Admittedly, we had to brace ourselves for some pretty cool temperatures on our excursiones...