A visit from our friends in England – day 2

A visit from our friends in England – day 2

Leaving Baeza around mid day we ventured out to visit Guadalén reservoir, where every year 1-3 Ospreys come back to winter. Since Sierra-Trek, we are going to try the Ospreys breed in this reservoir. We are going to carry out an introduction project.  On the route to the reservoir we passed the River Guarrizas where the remains of an old Roman bridge, and its accompanying tower still stand.  Wild otters are often seen feeding by this bridge.

On reacing the reservoir we saw a Black-shouldered kite busy hunting  and numerous Azure-winged magpies bravely darting between the olive trees.

The Guadalén reservoir is especially good for numbers of wintering wildfowl and waders such as the Egyptian goose and a Green sandpiper which we spotted on our way.

On our return home, we saw circling Griffon vultures and a Golden eagle circling overhead. We  also spotted aWhite stork displaying to its mate atop an electricity pylon, making its distinctive clicking call in its equally as distinctive nest.

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  1. December 1st, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    I had an amazing time with you guys. I had no idea that the trip would be filled with so much information. The knowledge and passion for the conservation and protection of the area you display are by far the biggest draw to visit with you.

    It was an absolute pleasure and I left feeling, as Keith put it “nourished”.

    All the best in your trek to educating everyone to appreciate the beauty of nature.

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