A visit from our friends in England – day 1

A visit from our friends in England – day 1

A few friends visited us today from England so we decided to give them a quick tour of Sierra de Cazorla.  We had a quick stop over in the olive groves for refreshments with good opportunities for a few photographs.  Moving upwards, we stopped at some beautiful rock formations on the way to the new public Bird watching hide to view Griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus).  The day was cloudy and a little wet, but we managed to spot some roosting, awaiting the clouds to clear for takeoff.

On the way back down, we spotted some old Moorish defence towers peeking through the clearing mist. It is The salvatierra’s Castle or The Castle of the Five Corners.

Stopping over at Hotel SPA Sierra de Cazorla for lunch, we moved on to visit the Horseshoe Lagoon, where we are looking to create a new nature reserve and visitor centre.

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