Expedition XIV Morocco: in search of the Lammergeier

Expedition XIV Morocco: in search of the Lammergeier

Road to Morocco to continue the Lammergeier conservation programme. Our objective this time- Tobkal Natural Park, where we hoped to identify territories, nests, and most importantly, evidence of species reproduction. This time we were delighted to share the company of French biologist  Fabrice Couzin, and his four-legged friend, Isli.

Fabrice has excellent knowledge of the area having lived in Morocco for over 30 years during which time he has compiled an extensive data base of Moroccan fauna and flora.

Over a period of 9 days, we walked the highlands  (up to 4’000m above sea level) and valleys in search of the species but were unable to gather material evidence of its whereabouts on this occasion.

However, Fabrice speculated that there was the strong possibility that a breeding pair of Lammergeier, known to be in the area, had moved out due to intrusive human activity in the shape of weekly helicopter flights bringing skiers. This bore out, given that the period of time over which these flights took place coincided with the delicate nesting period of the birds.

Our conclusions were presented to the director of the park who acted swiftly with a total and permanent ban of any further helicopter flights through the area.

Expedition XVwill attempt to locate this particular pair of Lammergeier- “Mmm…Where exactly did they choose to go, and hopefully, breed?”

See video clips below on the reintroduction programme of the Lammergeier in Andalusia- hopefully some of these birds will take the historic route down to the Atlas mountains of Morocco and thereby strengthen the chances of species survival in Southern Spain and Northern Africa.

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