Black Vulture, Lynx & Lammergeier in Jaen’s natural parks

Black Vulture, Lynx & Lammergeier in Jaen’s natural parks

Early June, and I’m guiding through the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura & Las Villas when we’re surprised to observe the Black Vulture in the valley of the River Guadalentín. A species more common to other natural parks of the province of Jaen. I was accompanied by an enthusiastic couple, Kenny and Pauline, who had arrived from Ireland to visit Spain on a bespoke trip with two target species in mind – the Lammergeier and the Iberian Lynx.

Fortunately, Kenny had his camera at hand when we spotted the bird and was able to take quite a few shots (including the photo above). Many thanks to Kenny for letting us use it. During the trip we also managed to see the Iberian Lynx on two ocasions. Although we don’t have photos of the Lynx, we were able to take pictures of some tracks and droppings  (pictures below).

Later on, we searched for the Lammergeier  in the depths of  Sierra Morena & Cazorla but we were short on luck this time, however we got our consolation prize at the Breeding Centre of Cazorla where we were granted access to learn more about the Lammergeier reintroduction programme and get really close up to some magnificent examples.

Warm thanks to Kenny & Pauline.

Jose Luis Balsera

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